Sunday, June 8, 2008

M-A-Y-B may be the death of me

Oooooooooooooh not really. It wasn't that bad I guess, but man, that is a lot of basketball in one weekend. And we have at least two more weekends of it this summer (maybe 3). Oh it's fun to see my daughter play, and she's really improving. Just added to the mix of everything else last week it made the weekend seem really full. The nicest thing was I finished work for the summer (til the end of July) on Monday morning and was a slug the rest of the week -- except for driving kids to where they needed to be (translation - five trips to the high school some days) and only what had to be done around the house (I'm not translating that one -- just please Please PLEASE don't drop in without calling first). It was nice to take that week off and I plan on getting busy this week and get some of my summer list of to-dos done.

Ellie was in a play on Friday night - -the culmination of her week at a community theatre children's workshop. It was very well done -- I was amazed at what these kids put together in a week!! We went to a basketball game at WSU Friday afternoon, then home to the drama at 7, then back to the middle school to sell tickets/concessions at the local MAYB game as a fundraiser for Erin's MAYB team. This school does not have air conditioning in the gym and it was in the 90's on Friday. Can you say sauna? 4th grade girls were playing basketball in a gym that was at least 10 degrees hotter than it was outside. It was not fun. They played until almost 11. Then we got to get up early Saturday to be at another game in Wichita early. It was a long couple of days. Today we took the day off and went to church with my mom (Bedside Baptist LOL).


Fulmer Family Blog said...

I think we need to start a support group that deals with needing to be in 500 places in a 10 min period! On the days when neither the boys or I have anything to do I sit in the corner and drool because I'm not quite sure what to do with myself!