Sunday, July 1, 2007

I'm Listening. Shut up!

I actually heard a woman say that to her kids at the store. I laughed out loud and had to quickly move to another aisle so she wouldn't know I was laughing at her. I could so relate but had never been able to put it so eloquently. heh.

Well, two of our three kiddos are traipsing around the country without me. I'm having a little bit of the empty nest syndrome. You know, I'm the one who can't even leave them at camp without crying (and that's an hour from home). I did pretty good though. Left Em with my sis and got just a little verklempt (sp?) but didn't out-and-out cry. Then, this AM, left Er at the airport and got a little MORE that V word, but held it together til I was on my way to the car. They both made it to their respective destinations without any problems, so that is a relief. Now I can spend the week worrying about everything else that might happen to them. I'd better make a list so I don't forget anything. Er is in California!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEK. The scary, west-coast, crime ridden, earthquake prone California. Well, I know she'll be fine and have a great time. I just think she'd have a better time with me there, right beside her, holding her hand and wiping her face off with my wet thumb. Right? Don't you agree? It's a joke, really it is. I know better.

I'll be a little crazy this week but I'll make it through. I know these are good things for them to do. I remember going on trips and all the fun I had (I hope they don't have that much fun).

Ok I'm outta here.