Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I was reading one of my favorite blog today and Jane made a blog post from virtually nothing out-of-the-ordinary. Here's mine.

Write about my day!

Well, my day was a typical, very busy day at an elementary school. Lots of behavior issues, especially at lunch time, and two wet pants episodes. It was busy and the day went by quickly. Oh, lots of kids not feeling well and the secretaries were on nurse duty. Plus my own daughter smilingly wasn't feeling well for about 10 minutes. I think she just needed a hug (plus a tum(s). How do you say a singular Tums? She had a Tums? She had a Tum? I have no idea but they both sound weird.

Analyze my cat!

I have spoken of my demon cat here before I believe. He bites me, which I probably deserve. It's very annoying, though, when I'm sitting at my computer desk and he pounces on my feet over and over and jumps at my hand every time I move it. Maybe the picture below explains why he might attack me, but seriously, the clothing was not my idea.

Really, not my idea.

Tell what I had for dinner and why!
I made pizza. The reason is that I haven't menu-planned or grocery shopped for the week and that is what I had on hand. Also, I could put the dough in the bread machine and go do my after-school work and not have to worry about it for 1 1/2 hours (or so). My work took longer than I expected which explaines the "or so". Supper was at about 7:30 which is rather late but we lived through it. It was good pizza too, if I do say so myself. I put baby swiss cheese on it for added zip (my life is pitiful) and it was very tasty.

Bitch about television!

Television sucks. The only shows I like are on at 9 and it bugs me that the ones I liked the best last season, Medium and October Road, are not on anymore. I take those surveys online and they ask my age and then my favorite show. I always put Judging Amy whenever that was on. Then they took it off. Last year I put Medium on every time I took that survey. Now it's off. I think they see what 40-something women like and then say "we don't want to play up to that demographic, cancel that show". They can bite me.

Re-count a celebrity siting

Once when I was in Emporia, KS for an art therapy conference, they were filming a movie about that preacher and his secretary/girlfriend that plotted to kill their spouses. I think they killed one spouse or something, maybe both. Keith Carradine was playing the preacher and I saw him walking downtown. Also, once when I was in Aspen I was checking into the hostel, because it was all I could afford, and the guy working at the desk told me Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell just checked in to the fancy-schmancy hotel in town. I didn't really see them, but they were nearby. An aside to the preacher/secretary killers mentioned above. I was a church secretary for years so I found that story kind of amusing. Well, in a sick kind of way, but still.

Talk about my first date!

I was asked to a homecoming dance in 7th grade. I was immediately in love with the boy who asked me. He is now gay. I'm sure there's no correlation, right? I continued to be in love with him for at least the rest of that school year and he stomped on my heart.

Where was I born? What story did my mom tell me about it?

I was born in Des Moines, Iowa. Two things my mom told me. One is that I was supposed to be born the day before but she had a cold so they postponed my cesearean birth. So I was supposed to be slightly more of a Libra than I am. I'm currently right on the cusp, but my personality is SO very Libra. That explains it and I never thought about it til just this very minute. Also, now I can't remember what the second thing I was going to say about my birth was. Oh, yes, now I remember. I didn't gain weight and had to be re-hospitalized for it. Imagine that now. It can't be true, really.

What was my first pet's name?

My first pet's name was Princess Anne mylastname. I loved her and she loved me. One Christmas she ate my dad's present on Christmas eve, candy I had made in Bluebirds for him. It was wrapped with tissue paper in a margerine container with no lid. She ate every bite. I was very sad. But the shiny silver aluminum Christmas tree, with 4-color rotating light helped me forget my sadness. We really had one of those. It was awesome. It went well with the cardboard fireplace.