Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fleaaaaaaaaaaaaas Release me . . .

Yes, we have been dealing with fleas. Hopefully they are under control now and we won't all get sick from pesticides. Ick. We (translate *I*) made this shirt for that poor, poor kitty. It wasn't my idea and I was coerced. Actually, I put up with the whining about it as long as I could and then I caved. It is kinda cute, but the poor thing seems miserable when it's on him. It closes with velcro so it's not too confining. Summer is too damn busy and I'm not even working. What's up with that?? Well, working . . . hmm. Not getting paid but I'm still working, believe me. Refereeing 3 kids takes a lot out of you.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

It's only been a month

This picture kills me because she threw her baton up to catch it, in true baton twirler girl fashion. Note that she is hiding from it as it falls toward her head. LOL. I have some photos of her actually catching the thrown baton, but th is one was so much better. Note the machine thingy behind her. Is that a back-hoe? I'm not really sure. But it's some machine that is used to make an egress window, which is being made for us. Yippeee. DD #1 will move to the basement room with the egress window and DH & I will get to move above ground. It takes so little to excite me. But I digress about egress. Hehehe. I've been just waiting to say that.

There is an elementary art teacher job opening at the school I work!?!?!? (Edited to remove REALLY BAD GRAMMAR . . .and I want to be a school teacher. Shame on me) ACK. I applied for it, thinking I could get a provisional license but now I'm not so sure. I guess I will check into getting my 8 hours of course work done RIGHT NOW and then if they want to hire me, I think there is a 1 year license I could get. IF they want to hire me. I would love to get that job, for many reasons. Money is a big one, but also that is what I studied to do. I am nervous at the prospect but also really excited. I've always wanted to teach elementary art. Ah, we shall see. Send good thoughts my way, devoted readers (hahahahaha).
Summer is awesome. That would be another plus to a teaching job. What I'm doing now (teacher aide) is great because any time there is no school I am home. I love it, and am really loving this summer vacation. The main detractor is the pay, and that would be a big plus if I got the teaching job.
Ok enough about me. Oh heck, what else is there to talk about? More me tomorrow at 5,6, & 10.