Sunday, May 17, 2009


I'm officially an art teacher next year! I am SO EXCITED and I can't wait. I can't even begin to describe how exciting it is to finally do what I studied to do so long ago.

Check out this blog post. It reminded me of this photo montage I did for Valentine's Day when Erin & Em were little.
There isn't supposed to be a line down the middle. I did all of this by hand, actual photos cut and glued onto paper. Now I would do it all digitally. I consider doing it again every year. Maybe Making the letters D-A-D like this would be a good Father's Day gift this year. Thanks for the inspiration Beki!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday = Cleaning Day?

I'm trying. I decided I've done my children a great disservice as a mom by not teaching them about having a cleaning day every week. Housekeeping is not my forte. I'll blame it on being creative. Yeah, that's it. Anyway, I decided recently that I'm going to make up for not teaching them at a younger age, and teach them now. I made a list with a funky font, I'm going to laminate it so we can check off things when they're done. Today was day 1. For starters, the house is a real mess. We got through one, maybe two rooms. Also, I had something else scheduled. It ended up being cancelled, but that kind of threw a wrench in things. Why should THEY have to do the work that I set into motion if I wasn't even going to be there????? Anyway, here is the fruit of our labor.
I know, nothing to write home about, but trust me, it looks waaaaaaaay better than it did. It's a start.