Saturday, February 2, 2008

In honor of St. Brigid . . .

I have been celebrating St. Brigid's day for several years. I found out about it researching Irish stuff on the net. My family on my mom's side is pretty much all Irish and she and my sis have traveled to Ireland four times. St. Brigid was new to me and to most people I've talked about her to. Depending on what you read she was a part of Pagan or Christian history in Ireland. I usually celebrate by making Irish Gingerbread Scones (yum) and weaving a new St. Brigid's cross for my mom and other special people. I couldn't find the straw this year so I may make them a little late this time around. You are supposed to weave a new one each year to hang above ryour door to bring good things to your house. I think you're supposed to burn the old one. Anyway, when I read about the online Silent Poetry Reading in her honor on February 2, her Saints day, I thought I should take part. I seem to forget until I read the Yarn Harlot's page, which I hadn't read in ages and for some reason typed into my address bar just a bit ago. Anyway, I'm sharing two poems. The first by Julia Kasdorf, one of my favorite poets. I love her work . . . it is so real and speaks to me on many levels. The second is one I discovered quite by accident and it made me laugh out loud.

On second thought, I decided to just link to the poems because they are copywrited and I don't want to get into trouble for posting them. I have no idea what the rules are about that. Paranoid much?

First Gestures
by Julia Kasdorf

The Hymn of a Fat Woman
by Joyce Huff