Monday, June 16, 2008


In the past, our family had a daily tradition. At supper each night we would share our high and our low for the day. It didn't have to be anything earth shattering, just something we were pleased with and something that hadn't been quite like we'd hoped. We had to start limiting it to three highs and three lows or else our evening meal would have lasted indefinitely :) I got the idea from a movie called, I think, The Story of Us. It was actually the only redeeming quality I can remember about the movie. I found it to be a really awful movie (although I thought the leading man was hot). Anyway, it evolved to High-Low-Ha, meaning we tell something in our day that made us laugh, smile, giggle, etc. I think Ellie made that addition and saying those words together sounds Hawaiian to me (get it??? Aloha???) so everytime I say it I start pretending like I'm hula dancing. Just one more way to embarass my kids! Anyway, somewhere down the road we stopped doing it every night, and Emma (and maybe Erin too) were glad. But I missed it. For me, and for Everett too, it felt like another way to acknowledge what I wrote about last -- that we are broken and blessed all at the same time. And that's ok. It's not always easy, but it's ok and it's how we're meant to be, I think. We also find it's such a good way to stay connected to each other and what's going on in our lives. Anyway, we started it again tonight, so I'm going to end with my High-Low-Ha for today and invite you to share yours with me if you feel like it.

High -- The rain and cooler temperatures today.
Low -- Everett's back is still really bothering him and I feel bad for him and helpless too.
Ha -- the chiropractor I took him to was kind of funny (ha ha and peculiar both :) but she did a good job and he's going back on Wednesday.


Beverly said...

I'm thinking of Everett these days. I know back pain is difficult to bear. Loving thoughts your way!

High for yesterday: lots of time to myself and a great bike rid with Henry :). Low: the desolation of not getting to bed as early as I wanted to. Ha: I bought a PEOPLE magazine, which I almost never do. That's a good way to giggle!

Danelle said...

WOW. I do high/low also. I got it from the same movie. Funny. I've been wanting to post high/low on my blog but sometimes I have shame about my low so I usually avoid it. Sometime I will post it too. But, for you I will do it now. High: Watching Shelbie's ballgame. Low: Seeing them lose. Ok, that's not very original but it's true.

Fulmer Family Blog said...

I love this idea, I know that I have weakly attempted this throughout time, but my attention span is so short I usually forget to do it. Thanks for the thought to pick this up again!