Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summa summa summa . . .

As in SUMMER. Turns me upside down. Summa Summa Summa . . . it's like a merry-go-round.

Almost everything reminds me of a song. This is not something my kids find to be an endearing quality. Especially when I burst into song in public.

Summer is here and I am loving (almost) every minute of it. My days are starting pretty early, not by choice, but because one of my daughters is doing weights and conditioning at the crack of dawn and I have to pick her up at 8. I know, 8 is not really that early, but . . . I like to sleep. Today was a good day, despite brief episodes of screaming and door slamming. It included

Yogurt with granola and strawberries for breakfast,

Making "surprise" cupcakes,

How'd they do that???? And,

Making plastic bags into "yarn" (see the ball in front of Emma?) to crochet a market bag out of. I'm excited about that. I have been trying to remember to take reusable grocery bags when I go shopping and have read about how awful plastic bags are when they are sent to the landfill. I'm trying to NOT collect any more of them but I figured this was a good way to use up some that I have. I'll keep you posted on how the bag turns out. You have to cut the tops and bottoms off the bags to make them into yarn so I'm trying to figure out something to do with the scraps too. I got my ideas from these two sites: and well I couldn't find the other site, they were ironing bags and making them into thicker plastic. Sounded a bit toxic but whatever. Also I found a pattern for sandals made from crocheted plastic bags. That's a little much for me, but to each his own.