Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Still life with cat and wood floors

I have more photos but I'll stop there. It was just so pretty with the sun coming in. We had kind of a weird day yesterday. I was awakened by a "boom" at 5 AM. The boom was my husband falling and hitting his head on the bathtub. He had passed out, we think from extreme back pain. He already had an appointment with the doctor for yesterday and the doctor said no worries, it just happens sometimes. He cut his head open above his eyebrow but no stitches, just a steri-strip. People are going to think I beat him up (I'm sure that's what he'll tell them because that's the kind of thing he says). I'm used to him being the strong one and it was very weird for me to help him get up, etc. And scary. I thought I was going to pass out too. But we made it through. He's being a trooper but I know how awful lower back pain is. I did that to my back a few years ago, and at the risk of TMI, I will say that it was worse pain than child-birth!!!


Beverly said...

Beth, I'm enjoying your blog so much. Hope your husband's feeling better.