Monday, June 8, 2009

It was!

Fun, that is. Everything didn't go exactly as I thought it would in my head.
But I think everyone had fun. I love the group color experience paintings. We used only yellow, red and blue. And we got messy, very messy. There is carpet in the room we used. It has paint on it now. And some of the walls do, too.
The chalk balloons . . . fun. I'll do it again. It, also, didn't go exactly as planned. I would do it a little differently next time. Cars had some chalk on them :) It'll wash off easily.

We made most of our own liquid chalk. Very fun. Equal parts water and corn starch. Mix well and add food coloring. We used neon and regular food coloring. Filling the balloons with chalk was a challenge . . we ended up using bicycle water bottles and stretching the balloon over the opening and sqeezing. It was pretty messy, especially when the balloon broke or there was a weak spot. I'd recommend doing it outdoors, although we did it at our kitchen table after it started to rain. It washes out easily. Not sure how I'll get it out of the kitchen carpet, but I really hate that carpet and want to pull it up anyway. One more reason to do it sooner rather than later, right? I'd also recommend not filling them as far ahead as we did as the chalk all settled and the balloons needed to be shaken well before throwing, otherwise they were chunky. I think the kids had fun, which is what it was all about (the grown-ups/big kids having fun was just an added perk). It's all about the process.


Amy said...

I get so excited reading this, thinking of all the fun things our SC kids are going to get to do in art next year! :) We used this mixture as sidewalk chalk paint at our block party last year. It turned out so bright and fun!

PamperingBeki said...

Soooo fun!!!