Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I was thinking . . .

Summer was supposed to be, going to be, meant to be . . . slow, relaxed, restful. Hmmmm. So far, not so good. But, we've had lots of adventures. I guess that's maybe what summer is supposed to be.
The birthday king with his court
I had a big, long to-do list to start out my week.
My big girls had their hair straightened and cut (it didn't last)
But then: My neighbor/friend had a major crisis, Ellie had day camp, Erin got sick, Emma had a birthday, we had a Sunday school class farewell for a member going to Colombia for 3 years, Everett & I had an anniversary, I had a t-b test for my new job (!!!) . . . oh, and the van had an oil change.

Emma decided to manually move the fan while the electricity was off

So, one little thing has gotten crossed off my big, long to-do list.

Tie-dying adventure (not on the list :)
But right at this moment. I'm at peace with that :)

Our table during the electricity outage . . peace!


Amy said...

If Erin and Emma want to try straight hair, check out the InStyler. It's an infomercial, but they have a website, too. My sister-in-law bought me one for Christmas and I absolutely love it! Fast and easy and not hard on your hair!

PamperingBeki said...

I have this struggle too. I *want* slow relaxing summer days, but they sometimes seem to be in fast forward!

We have to make ourselves slow down and enjoy it because the school year will be here before we know it.