Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So excited

I'm excited. No, not because I am reaching all the goals of my new year's resolutions' already. I'm doing, well, ok. I've worked on some of them. No nagging. Heh

What I'm excited about is that I have not one, but TWO, potential gigs teaching art/craft classes this summer. I'm really feeling lots of energy and excitement about it. One is at the local fine arts/music academy and one is at the local rec. center. The fine arts academy one I pursued last summer, but not too hard. I've talked to the director since then and he seemed really interested so I sent him some class ideas this week. I think our town has a need for art classes for kids, especially older elementary and up. For starters, art once a week just doesn't cut it. Then after elementary school they can only take art as an elective, and if they are into orchestra or band or drama or journalism . . .their options are pretty slim. Plus, summer income for me is good. I love having summers off, but I don't make enough as a secretary to not have any summer income. The rec. center option came up when I talked to their business person and asked if they still had my potters wheel I left there 14 years ago or so. I taught art classes there at that time, and when I quit I "loaned" them my wheel to use with other teachers/classes. Well, two or three program directors later, I had no idea if my wheel was still there (it's a kick wheel made by my college classmates and it's one that I learned to throw pottery on myself!). It's still there, and in the process of finding out about it, she asked if I was interested in teaching more classes. So there you go.

I had something else of utmost importance, or maybe not, but it has flown out of my brain. I think that indicates that it's bedtime.

So I'm off to bed, hoping for a snow day :)


Danelle said...

it's cool to think that things happen for a reason only to be later revealed years down the road. you "loaned" them that wheel and because you were checking on it, it led to that!! way cool