Sunday, January 4, 2009


Happy 2009. We traveled, via van, to El Paso over the holidays to visit Everett's family. It was a good trip and also good to come home. He has returned to El Paso today, via airplane, to celebrate his mother's 80th birthday tomorrow. He ended up spending 15+ hours in airports/airplanes due to miscommunication but he's there and she's surprised. We miss him. I don't do single, especially single parent, very well any more. It makes me appreciate him all the more when he returns so it's not all bad. My patience wears thin and I have a new respect and admiration for parents who do it by themselves all the time.

This is Emma & I celebrating New Year's Eve (before my slam-dancing injury). We were wearing 2008 glasses because it wasn't 2009 yet. Is it just me, or do I look just a wee bit crazy? It's in the eyes I think. I was with my in-laws (whom I love dearly), remember.

I decided to post my resolutions here. Maybe that ruins them. Does it? Somehow it seems like it's supposed to be a secret, and I guess part of that is so people won't nag you about why you' haven't done them, right? Well, I'm posting them here anyway. If you want to nag me about them, I guess that's up to you.
  • Exercize 3x a week
  • Do 5 Tibetan Rites daily
  • Go on a date with my husband at least once a month
  • Call my mother-in-law and send her a letter at least once a month
  • Figure out why our computer is so freaking slow
  • Knit
  • Not say mean things about people . . . be honest and up-front as much as possible and when I don't feel like I can say something directly to a person, keep them to myself.*

I think that's enough for now. Somehow putting them in black and white makes them more realistic for me. Plus, now I can't forget them.

I'd love to hear your resolutions too. I promise not to nag.

*someone told me right before Christmas that I had been reported to have been "bad-mouthing" them. I hadn't and was really offended that someone had accused me of it. But, it made me think long and hard about the things I do say and how they might be heard or repeated by someone else. I say a lot of things tounge-in-cheek, but people hearing it might not always hear it that way. And, I have to admit that at times I have said things that I shouldn't have and feel remorse about later.


kristin said...

your resolutions are wonderful.


Beverly said...

Thank you for posting your resolutions. I think making them known is a good thing. Helps a person see what she really longs for. I would like to know more about the Tibetan rites.