Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Hippie Kind of Peace

Meg posted her redone bathroom a while back. (do you need to get people's permission to link to their blog???) It's beautiful :) She had a mirror with "Peace" across the top. Her husband wanted her to be sure to tell everyone she didn't mean the hippie kind of peace. I commented that I'm kinda partial the hippie kind of peace myself (by the way, Sunday is the International Day of Peace. . .check out and make a pinwheel, or something else that inspires you, for peace). The clay covered bottle in the photo above made me think of the hippie kind of peace when we made it, and check out my brother's recent tie-dye! He sells them at Clayworks downtown, if you're local. He's kind of a hippie too, so it could be gen-u-ine hippie tie-dye!!


Libby said...

Hi, Beth-

I'm fond of any and all kinds of peace :) I like the bottle you covered. It reminded me of an ongoing community art project in Wichita called Bottles of Hope. It's a project through the Works of Heart organization. One of my WSU proffs. helped start it. Here's the site if you're interested.

Beverly said...

Wow. Some t-shirt your brother made. I don't know how people do that. Let's hear it for hippie peace and all sorts of peace! I like your bottle, too.

Fulmer Family Blog said...

I'm becoming more of a hippie by the day it seems!

Danelle said...