Saturday, September 27, 2008


I've been cleaning in my kitchen this morning. I thought about posting about how ticked off it made me and griping about people in my family not doing their part, but . . .it's a slippery slope. Once I start, I might not stop. Not good for me or anyone else, so I decided to do something else before I go back to more cleaning. I was planning to post on the groovy kind of love (note the song playing on my sidebar) my husband and I have, but as you can probably imagine, I'm not feeling all that groovy about it at the moment, so I'll wait on that one :) Still love him, just not in a groovy-like way right now.

I was making pizza last night, and above you see a photo of my crust awaiting toppings. Yes, those are cat footprints. Naughty kitty. Yes, I went ahead and made the pizza on it. No one but Emma and I the wiser. And it tasted great. Any icky stuff baked out I'm sure. It made me laugh out loud though, when I went into the kitchen and saw those perfect paw prints in the crust.

Life is good (pawsitively good).


Fulmer Family Blog said...

I would like to say that I am proud of you for eating the dough anyway! I would have done the same.
and when you find a way to get help around the house on a regular basis I would appreciate your secret!

Beverly said...

Ha, ha ha ha! I'm glad you could still enjoy your pizza! And I know what you mean about groovy love sometimes presenting as a more muted form of love :).