Thursday, July 10, 2008

Look what I found

1. A really cool buy at the local thrift store

And it was only 75 cents. Obviously hand-crocheted by someone. I thought this was soooo cool and carried it all over downtown putting my purchases into it, much to the chagrin of my teenage daughters. Everyone in the shops liked it though. In it now are the shoes for work, also found at the etcetera shop -- for half price -- a whopping $1.50.

2. A cool website

Check this COOL WEBSITE (clickable) out. I've done cake decorating and it really inspires me. I'm trying to think of creative things I can do to earn some extra income and this inspires me to make cakes. I found this through someone else's blog but I can't remember whose.

3. Another inspiration

This e-bay auction! I received a jewelry kiln last year and have been wanting to learn to fuse glass since forever. So I may get a kit or two like this to try it out!

Our older two girls left today on a youth service trip. The house seems pretty quiet already. We'll have to get Erin tomorrow to play basketball this weekend and then will have to pick Em up on Sunday to take her to camp. This is a nearby service trip which is good, I guess. Lots of driving around though. We walked over to the church this morning, me pulling the wagon full of sleeping bags, etc. It was before 8 and it was already VERY MUGGY AND HOT. They are doing service projects at Camp Mennoscah for part of the trip. I know they will be hot. They get to sleep in a/c though, so that will be nice. I'm not used to having two kids gone at the same time. Now that the older two are both in high school that will become more of the norm. Our girls are exactly 40 years younger than my siblings and myself. I was in Ellie's position and I know that soon she will often feel like an only child. I don't think she'll adjust to that as well as I did so it'll be interesting for all of us. I miss the girls when they're gone. I feel like Cher in the movie Mask when Rocky goes away to summer camp and she's blubbering and her boyfriend is writing down what she wants to tell him in a letter. It's pretty funny but sad too. I used to cry every time I'd leave them at camp but I've gotten better about that. Having Erin fly to San Jose with the youth last summer helped. Ok, enough blabbering. Watch for my jewelry creations!!!


Libby said...

Hi, Beth-

I'm glad you found my blog! That's a great bag. Thrift stores are going to drive me to the poor house someday. I'm completly hooked on them. I'm glad you like my art.

Take care,