Saturday, January 19, 2008

Because a promise is a promise 100%

Didn't Bambi or someone like Bambi say that? I think so but I can't find the quote anywhere. Maybe pinnochio. Some kids movie character I'm sure. Anyway, I promised (sort of), at least I put into words (to my ONE reader and commenter :) Thanks Diva :)) that I was going to post more photos of my current high-inducing activity (what does THIS say about me? I don't want to know) . . . kool-aid yarn dying. So, below you will find my latest and greatest yarn dying experiments. I switched methods after my first try. Instead of pouring the dye on, I put it in jars and "dipped" the yarn into the dye. I put the jars in a corningware dish and left the yarn ends in until I had microwaved it. Most times I would move the yarn a bit between microwaving so all areas received dye. Hopefully the photos will tell the story well enough. If you have questions though, let me know. I have a couple more photos of the wound balls of yarn, which, by the way, really changes the look of the skein. I can't find my digital camera tonight. Someone has hidden it from me. I don't know who, but trust me, when I find out . . . Let me just say that today was NOT A DAY TO MESS WITH ME. Hormones rage in an almost 50-year-old woman's body and there are certain days that it might be best to leave said woman completely alone. Today was one of those days. I'm better now (wine works wonders). Once again, I digress :) Pictures below! Enjoy the eye candy.

The dyes and the yarn, all a-ready (Colors are Strawberry, Orange, and Lemonaid with just a touch of Orange added)
This is actually after the first 2 minutes in the microwave and I've moved the skein a little to the left so there aren't any off-white parts left
Now two more minutes (or maybe 4) in the microwave . . .
The finished yarn in the sink (you can see I wasn't completely successful in getting rid of ALL the off-white parts)

Viola! The finished skein. Pre and Post ball-winding. As an aside I have to say that this dying has made me LOVE my swift and ball-winder, which work together in perfect harmony. Kind of like Ebony and Ivory (dating myself????). LOL


kristin said...

first of all, it's you!!!!

i don't know why i didn't clue in earlier.

oh, i have giggled outloud at a few of your posts already.

this kool aid dying looks great. though naomi was just over my shoulder and said, "or we could just drink it all."

i think not.