Friday, February 14, 2014

I'm not a hipster (and I'm ok with that) . . .

(This is a post I had in drafts, that I updated a bit. Two posts in one day, unbelieveable!!)

Not in the current use of the term, anyway.  I'm a total 70's hipster, flower child, whatever.  I notice a lot of people right now who are around  my age (and by around, I mean like 10 years either way), who are totally TRYING to be hipsters, in the 20-something sense.  It makes me go hmmmm, seriously.  I mean, it's ok to be your age, you know?  Not my worry or problem, I know, to care how hard they are trying.  I just want to tell them, be happy where you are.  Don't try to be somewhere in life that you're not, you know?

My, admittedly limited, experience with being in different generations has taught me to be happy right where you are in life, right at that moment.  Not always easily done, but it certainly makes for an overall happier place.

I also notice lots of folks putting forth a big "perfect, happy, always smiling" persona in social media. I mean, seriously, we all know so well that life is not always rosy.  I remember my mom saying when I was young that soap operas made moms in the 50's feel like their lives weren't good enough.  They portrayed all these beautiful, rich people with beautiful, perfect children in beautiful, always clean houses . . .

When she would say that, I would think "whatever . . . ", but now I think I understand what she meant. I'm not unhappy with where I'm at (ok, I would take the beautiful, always clean house), but I see all these perfect facebook posts and instagram (hipstergram as my daughter calls it) photos and I think I understand why some people in certain age groups right now might feel the way my mom thought that mom's in the 50's felt.  Oh, some of them will post a "keepin' it real" post every once in awhile, I guess to make those sad, unfortunate ones realize that they have off days, too.

So, this is a lesson for me, as well.  I'm not always happy and content with where I am in life, but I should be. My favorite facebook thing (for lack of a better word) is Queen of Your Own Life and their daily "Queenism's".  I absolutely love them, and while I don't always succeed, they give a good encouragement to be happy where you are in life.

Today's, for example:
She wanted to give and receive more love in her life, so she decided to make everyday Valentine’s Day. As the Queen of her own life, she could do things like that. - Queenisms™

Have a good one!