Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Amazing Race

Do you watch that show? We have kind of gotten into watching it, off and on, as a family. It's kind of fun, kind of silly, kind of annoying (at times).

I was thinking this week that life is really an amazing race. We don't all get to hike in Nepal, or go to Cinderella's castle in Austria, but our lives are really amazing. Each and every day.

I'm dealing with some things right now. Nothing I'm ready to go into here, but it's made me very contemplative. Thinking about what matters, and having faith.

And it makes me really think how important it is to view each and every day as amazing. We are given so much. Sometimes it feels like too much. More often, though, we want more. Usually more of something that we can't have. Money. Time.

I'm trying to take the time to enjoy more moments of this amazing race called life. I'm trying to be more positive, more aware.

Join me? I'll race you!


Beverly said...

Go Beth! That's a race I want to be part of.

Beverly said...

Go, Beth! Amen. I want to join you.