Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I really feel like an art teacher

Two things today (well, maybe 3) that really made me feel like an art teacher!

First, I painted with my kindergartners at the school where my art room has no water (not even in the same building -- I have to tote it across a parking lot). We drew birds and painted them with watercolor. When I left the building the K class was at recess and one of them yelled at me (at the top of his lungs), "HI MRS. BURNS!!! I LOVE PAINTING AND DRAWING!" How could that not make me smile???

Then, at the other school, I have all my classes draw something when they first come in. My "entering art class" ritual. Today it was scissors. The point is to really take your time and observe what you're drawing, and then draw what you see. My 4th graders were AMAZING. Their drawing is improving. They are really OBSERVING. I asked if they noticed that their drawing was getting better and they all happily agreed.

Oh, and then I taught my first drawing lesson about the elements of art and principles of design. And I really felt like I knew what I was talking about. Wow!!!


kristin said...

you hauling water shows a strong level of dedication.

lucky kids.

rentz said...

My kids are enjoying their art teacher!