Sunday, March 22, 2009

Breaking the Spring

We had a great Spring Break. From exploring quirky Kansas sites, to prom dress shopping, to college visits (YIKES), to staying in the smallest cabin known to man (probably not, but it sure seemed like it) we had a fun week together. We did a couple of day trips, with mornings spent working at home . . and we actually made some progress on cleaning the house finally! Here's a quick photo journey through the first half of the week. I have 161 pictures, so hard to choose which ones to share, but I'm trying :)

Day one (Sunday) was spent exploring Marion County . . this is at the city park in Marion. My camera was doing weird color things!
Day two -- prom dress shopping (with four teenage girls!) It was a fun day and full of laughs. I'm sure every mom thinks her daughter looks beautiful in every dress she tries on. She really did :) (this isn't the one she chose . . . you have to wait until April 18 to see that one :)
Day three - Rock City in Minneapolis, Kansas -- FUN!!My family all climbed up the rocks . . .
I sat on rocks that weren't too far up from the ground :) And I took most of the pictures so I'm not in very many, which is fine with me!
Did you know that Minneapolis, Kansas is the hometown of George Washington Carver??? I didn't, but here's a plaque to prove it (we had a Kansas day trips book that alerted us to this little-known-fact). Another little-known-fact is that there is a YARN SHOP in Minneapolis, KS. I visited it and bought some great yarn and needles. There is also an ice cream shop that sells the biggest "small" cones I have ever seen.
Day three ended at Maxwell Game Preserve in rural Galva or Canton. Everett and I went there during our college years and our good friends were engaged at the top of this tower. We saw elk for the first time this trip and also saw buffalo fairly close. It was a little windy but very peacefull and beautiful! I would have taken more photos but my camera batteries died about 2 seconds after this one was taken!

I'll have to finish tomorrow or another day soon as my bed is calling out to me. I sleep horribly when I'm away from my waterbed!


meg duerksen said...

wow beth...this post is just bring me a bunch of happiness.
the came on today (it's been years since i heard that) when i was sewing and i was just belting out the words! love that song.
prom dress shopping? memories!!! oh i remember that so clearly for me and my own friends at 18.
maxwell game preserve is a place my dad loves to go. he is a nature LOVER.

it's okay to covet a craft room as long as you also covet the gigantic mess too!